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Looking for Timberhill Meadows Apartments on Century Drive in Corvallis, Oregon? Please call 877-530-9910. (The Meadows at Timberhill has absolutely no connection with the Timberhill Meadows Apartments.)

The Latest Headlines
(Site updated March 4, 2020)
  • Welcome to new HOA Board members Amy Ghozeil and Ike Ghozeil.
  • You MUST leave a window open when using the gas fireplace in your home. (Read why...)
  • Remember to change furnace filters monthly (they're at Robinett's!). (More...)
  • Please winterize your outdoor faucets immediately (Read how...) and turn your sprinkler controller to "Off" (don't unplug it).
  • If you discover water leaking into your home (usually around windows), immediately contact Willamette Community Management immediately! (email or telephone (541) 602-1775)
  • Trash cans and recycling containers MUST be put away. The Board has begun fining violators $15 per day!
  • Satellite dishes and broadcast TV aerials REQUIRE ARC approval, and must be installed in specified places. (Read details...)
  • Check out the Meadows Encyclopedia for lots of useful information. (Go to the Encyclopedia.)

Title Company Inquiries

All Title Company inquiries should go directly to Willamette Community Management via:

  • E-mail at
  • Post at PO Box 2214, Corvallis, OR 97339-2214
  • Telephone at (541) 602-1775
  • Please note that the Timberhill Meadows Apartments have no relationship whatsoever with The Meadows at Timberhill.



    Next Board of Directors Meeting

    The next meeting of the MTHOA Board: To Be Announced

    We encourage you to come to all board meetings!